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The future of transportation is closely aligned with the future of Orange County. Increasing the ease of mobility within the County and reducing the environmental impact of vehicles is of great important to residents, businesses and visitor. There are no easy solutions for either objective, but fresh ideas and technological advances are beginning to emerge. Vehicles with lighter carbon footprints are now widely available, including hybrids, plug-in hybrids, electric, natural gas and hydrogen fueled vehicles. Infrastructure is being built to service a future of fuel diversity beyond gas and diesel. Public transportation and ride-sharing services are changing to meet evolving needs of their customer bases. You can contribute to the forward progress of Orange County’s transportation future by bringing your expertise and perspective to the Sustain OC Transportation Working Group as it seeks new and better ways to navigate the complex challenges of a growth and change. Complete the online form below for more information regarding the process for joining the Sustain OC Transportation Working Group:

Sustain OC is the e4Mobility Advanced Transportation Center for Orange County and the Inland Empire, a partner of the Advanced Transportation Center of Southern California. The Advanced Transportation Center is a network of industry leaders throughout the region who are dedicated to the goal of growing the adoption, production, design, research, and development of advanced transportation technologies.


For more information regarding the joining the Sustain OC Transportation Working Group complete the online form below or E-mail Alan Ring at alan@sustainoc.org


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