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Sustain SoCal 10th Annual Conference & Expo

Sustain SoCal 10th Annual Conference & Expo

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Pathways to Innovation

On March 7, 2019  Sustain SoCal will present its 10th Annual Conference & Expo focusing on pathways to Innovation in Energy, Water, Transportation, Waste Stream Management and other key areas impacting a sustainable future. This conference will explore and examine which developments hold the most promise for the sustainable operations and practices in a wide variety of sectors, including the built environment, infrastructure, personal transportation, mass transit, retail spaces, hospitality, in healthcare, entertainment & leisure, in the workplace and in living spaces.  Key stakeholders throughout the region will gather to collaborate on energy-sector developments and their potential impact in IoT, Smart Cities, Smart Buildings, energy storage, energy efficiency and renewable energy, waste-to-energy, recycling and more. We will dive into how new technologies and approaches are being evaluated and adopted and where public and private cleantech and investors are focusing their financial resources and ongoing support.

Agenda to be available shortly.

For sponsorship, exhibit and conference content participation, Email info@sustainsocal.org